Hello :wave: , I wanted to check if there is a doc...
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Hello 👋 , I wanted to check if there is a documentation link (like https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/workspace-and-user-administration/adminis[…]ce-objects/configure-various-features-via-platform-settings/) that explains the function of each configuration available within the gdc platform settings.. like enableKDWidgetCustomHeight, enableKDZooming, etc..
Hi Shankar, as far as I know, while there exists many different platform settings, only those publicly documented on that page are officially supported to be modified by users as the page warns:
Change only the settings that are documented in this section. Other settings can be removed or may stop working at any time without warning.
Technically you might try to change some other settings as well (some are internal and you can not change their value) and they might work, but since those are not publicly documented, they might get removed without a notice or have undefined behavior in combination with some other features. (These settings are internally used also for gradual release of new features and can get simply removed after the rollout is complete). If you need to change some specific setting, I would recommend to contact GD support (i.e. here) about it (ideally describing your use case in detail) and they can potentially submit a product request for the product team to consider productization and documentation of that particular setting.
Hi Michal, thank you for sharing the background on why some of the settings have documentation vs others which do not. this helps.
Hi Shankar, I have also noticed they you’ve provided some example settings which can be found in our UI/SDK documentation. You can find these feature flags and more bellow: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui-apidocs/v9.0.0/docs/sdk-model.isettings.html
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Thank you Julius, I was looking for this. Much appreciated.
Oh, I guess we should probably link that page from the first one then 🙂
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yes, that would be great !!