I just overhauled our data model and dashboards. E...
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I just overhauled our data model and dashboards. Everything went well when I ran the Release Brick and Rollout Brick. The only problem I am seeing is that I deleted a dashboard from the master, and when it synced it did not delete it from the workspaces it synced to. My new dashboards are there, but so is the old one. What do I need to do to make it drop the old administrator created dashboards? Note: I don't want to delete any user created dashboards. I only want to delete the "locked" administrator dashboards that I have obsoleted.
Hi Willie, Could you confirm that the duplicated dashboard does not include the lcm managed tag in its definition, please?
can you tell me how to find this lcm managed tag?
and to clarify, its not "duplicated"
I found its "meta" config using the chrome extension. Is that what you needed?
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"meta" : {
         "author" : "/gdc/account/profile/d315fd66ff9fb51f1cf67d04ba990815",
         "category" : "analyticalDashboard",
         "contributor" : "/gdc/account/profile/d08a2cd720d17a68776f24511ac66614",
         "created" : "2021-03-11 15:00:48",
         "deprecated" : "0",
         "identifier" : "adcd3APcgrtY",
         "isProduction" : 1,
         "locked" : 1,
         "summary" : "",
         "tags" : "",
         "title" : "Purchase Orders",
         "updated" : "2022-04-11 21:54:03",
         "uri" : "/gdc/md/t3tj7nnfnftj1m012pjg0v0fukh987v2/obj/17447 analyticalDashboard "Purchase Orders" {adcd3APcgrtY}"
Any word on this issue?
Hi Willie, Yes, thanks for providing the meta - that's exactly what we needed. basically, if you create object in master and push it to the clients through LCM, the object should contain
among its tags. Objects with this tag are compared to list in the master and if it's missing in the master it should be deleted in the client. But somehow the tag was removed, so the object was no longer included in the LCM processes. We know how to fix this, but the best way will depend on how many clients you have. Also, do you have any idea how the LCM tag got removed? You just removed dashboard from dev master, added one with a same name and ran release and rollout? Or are there any additional steps you took? We'd like to look into this if there's possible bug and if it's reproducable.
I just checked and the other two environments that I plan to promote this dashboard to have the "tags" : "_lcm_managed_object" on the report I am asking about. So its possible there was something ad-hoc done to the environment I pushed to first that caused that tag to get removed. If things work as you describe, it should work fine. I will write back if it doesn't work
Great thanks Willie. In any case, there's a way to fix it in case you have many clients. If it's just a few, it's possible to re-add the tag through API manually and run rollout again.