Hello All! I need to understand something I create...
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Hello All! I need to understand something I created a metric between to dataset
SELECT (*Task/Event Created Date Unix* - *Lead Created Date Unix*)
I want to get the seconds between to date when a lead as created in my database and the time of I create an appointment for this lead.
Task/Event Created Date Unix is the Dataset and in this dataset I have a referal link to LeadId stored into Lead Dataset
First question when I add my metric into Analyse I can not for example get the Lead Id For example We want for Month of year the time between a lead is created and a lead is contacted, must add something in MAQL metric to give me the field ? Second Question the best query for me is to filter my select with
where *Task/Event Main Event* = *true* and *Task/Event Type* = *appointment*
it's the best way to do that ? Thank you!
Hi Mathieu, if the metric logic is correct and the Lead Id attribute is compatible with the objects in it then you could drag and drop the attribute in the “Rows” section to break the metric down by it. Could you please send screenshots of the results you are getting at the moment? Also I understand that you are working with GoodData Platform, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
Regarding your last question, you could also add the filters directly in the insight to simplify the metric. There is more information on how to do this here: Filters in Analytical Designer | GoodData Growth
As discussed in private conversation, you were missing the aggregation function
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SELECT SUM (fact 1 - fact 2)