Hi All, I'm having a hard-to-debug error when tryi...
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Hi All, I'm having a hard-to-debug error when trying to add a user to a workspace via the API. The JSON response is: {"error":{"errorClass":"JsonDeserializationException","trace":"","message":"Unexpected error. Try again later or contact support (support@gooddata.com) with errorId if it persists.","component":"Webapp","errorId":"57cac3cd-bb9c-4855-be4d-f793b1e6bb55","errorCode":"gdc007","parameters":[]}} I have checked the JSON in the request body and it is valid as far as I can see
Hi Paul, you are missing the value for “self” in your body request:
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"links": {
"self": "/gdc/account/profile/{profile_id}"
If you are the domain administrator of the user, you can identify the user also by login instead of profile_id: use
"self": "/gdc/account/profile/<mailto:username@domain.com|username@domain.com>?
in the
I see, thank you Moises. I shall add "self" to my requests. Should this be marked as required in the documentation? Currently it is listed as optional https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/api-reference/#operation/addOrDisableUserInProject
Thanks for pointing this out. I will make sure to highlight this to our Documentation team.
Great, thank you :)]