Hello everyone! Is there a way to sync the left an...
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Hello everyone! Is there a way to sync the left and right axis on a combo chart?
Hey Thomas, you can configure the labels and name position on the x-axis and adjust the min/max on the Y-axis. Could you provide screenshots and a bit more details on the limitations you are facing?
I’ll create an example shortly. In my example I want to show different metrics on left and right axis that both have money values. However, the values on both axes should be the same, so that I can visually see which one is higher
Example 1: Left and right axis are scaled the same, since I hardcoded min and max. Solves the problem for a very specific filter selection, but the axis doesn’t adapt.
Example 2: Left and right axis are on “auto”. The adapt to the data, but are no longer in sync. It would be good if we could do a bar chart with a line for 1 metric, but both use the same (auto) axis, or 2 axes that are synched
I put a very high value in the middle to illustrate the comparison problem between line and bar
HI Thomas, I’m afraid that the only workaround for this is what you have found in adjusting the min/max values for both axises. I can try and submit a product feedback form on your behalf if you want it to auto generate the values.
That would be amazing!
🎉 New note created.