Hello! New day, new adventures :slightly_smiling_f...
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Hello! New day, new adventures 🙂 I’m getting this lovely error on rollout brick, any chances to get more details about what’s wrong?
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ERROR -- : Execution failed. Error: [
    "action": "GoodData::LCM2::SynchronizeLdm",
    "err": "Unable to migrate LDM, reason(s): \n Internal error [handle_exception, hide_internal].",
    "backtrace": [
      "/src/lib/gooddata/models/project_creator.rb:103:in `apply_maqls'",
      "/src/lib/gooddata/models/project_creator.rb:71:in `migrate_datasets'",
      "/src/lib/gooddata/models/project_creator.rb:29:in `migrate'",
      "/src/lib/gooddata/models/project.rb:2156:in `update_from_blueprint'",
      "/src/lib/gooddata/lcm/actions/synchronize_ldm.rb:157:in `block in sync_segment_ldm'",
      "/usr/local/rvm/gems/jruby- `block in pmap'",
      "/usr/local/rvm/gems/jruby- `block in spawn_worker'"
request_id=ZSwY9xaolxGqal65k1Ft woslnnpDEu2b79T8ZN6qNGwpozhRtDjY6ST3O3W0hVagO64y5JY7cfA
Hi Hanna, sorry to hear about your trouble. I looked into the issue and it seems that your rollout brick generated a lot of changes in one workspace and the attempted transaction failed due to it's size. I'll write you a PM.
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