Hello! I’m having an issue with moving my workspac...
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Hello! I’m having an issue with moving my workspace between segments, I’m getting this error
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"error" : {
        "errorCode" : "lcm.import.failed.generic_error",
        "message" : "Can't find '%s' with identifier '%s'.",
        "parameters" : [ "attributeDisplayForm", "customdatefield.aaU81lMifn6q" ]
Can it be that my date datasets have been created in a wrong way?
Hi Hanna! If I may, what procedure are you using to move this workspace? This type of error usually indicates that there is a inconsistency between the source and target workspaces. It looks like the mentioned
does not exist (or isn’t the same) in the target workspace. Is the original attribute a Custom Date Dimension?
Hi! I see my date dimensions are urngooddatadate, they’ve been added to TEMPLATE workspace using Ruby SDK with
method. The procedure of moving the workspace is as follows: 1. dissociate client (Ruby SDK) 2. create new client for a project (Ruby SDK) 3. trigger user provisioning brick 4. trigger workspace provisioning brick 5. trigger rollout brick (uses diff_against_clients) 6. trigger rename custom fields brick If I remove the workspace and create a brand new one via provisioning brick, then there are no issues with rollout, but then, when I want to move it to the other segment, rollout ends with en error.
It’s also proceeded with other error (also on rollout) which unfortunately says only
Internal error [handle_exception, hide_internal].
Ahh, I see now that on one segment, where the TEMPLATE/MASTER workspaces previously already had some custom date dimensions added, they have
while on the other, when there are newly added custom date datasets, they are
, so probably that’s the source of the issue.
Can those date datasets be updated with RubySDK?
You beat me to it! You’d probably need to Migrate from a Legacy Date Dimension to urn:custom_v2:date to ensure they are using the same version. Also, is there a particular reason for performing this task via the SDK? From what I understand, you can also easily Clone a Workspace via the API or grey pages. 🙂
My setup consists of 3 segments with TEMPLATE & MASTER workspaces for each, as there are 3 bit different data models for multitenant setup. So each customer lands on a proper segment after selecting their plan. They have to be automatically moved to a different segment and their workspace have to be updated after they change their plan. Would you suggest different steps for such setup?
And for updating date datasets via Ruby SDK now I wanted to update TEMPLATE workspaces, as I’m adding new fields to the LDM and started having issues while testing customer migration. So I don’t have a workspace from which I could clone.
Thanks for the details. Please let me check internally and I will let you know!
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Thanks for waiting. It will be necessary to investigate this one further. I will DM you the details!
Awesome, thanks a lot!