I have one more Product suggestion (I think I saw ...
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I have one more Product suggestion (I think I saw something similar in Tableau before): Invisible Elements on a Insight / Dashboard: The main idea is, that sometimes there are attributes or values that are added to an insight only for the purpose of increasing granularity (e.g. the key of a fact table, when you want to see every single entry), or for sorting purposes (e.g. a sequential number), but you actually do NOT want to display them, since they are of technical nature. Another example is a preselected Attribute Filter on a Dashboard, which is also invisible: Given that you have a dashboard that works only for a certain data set, you can prefilter every insight for that dataset. After adding them to the dashboard, you can still not filter the Attribute filters accordingly, so they will show a lot of options that are filtered out already. Allowing for an invisible Attribute filter would fix that.
Hello @Thomas Karbe, let me push this feedback to the product team on your behalf. Thank you for the suggestion.
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I think I would have had at least 5 use cases for this in the past few days
🎉 New note created.
Btw. attribute labels may help you hide the surrogate keys and display texts which are not necessarily unique and keep values belonging to different elements separated.