Good morning GoodData! :sunny: When validating the...
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Good morning GoodData! ☀️ When validating the project some warnings are shown for redundant configuration options on insights. Like so: Messages: LDM, WARN, REDUNDANT: [visualizationWidget:"Bullet Chart" [4146];origin:] has redundant attribute 'configuration'. Is there an easy way (read: w/o recreating them) to clean these up?
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Hi Hans, let me check internally with the engineers, but to me these seems harmless (rather a small bug in the validation itself). VisualizationWidget is the placement of insight to a dashboard and the “configuration” part seems to contain the newer features like hiding the title or renaming it on a dashboard. I was able to reproduce this by creating it in the UI so I think some rules for these new features might be still missing in the validation tool.
A quick update - we have a confirmation that this is indeed a bug in the validation tool. So you can for now safely ignore these warnings about redundant 'configuration' attribute. Tthe bug has been reported and will hopefuly be fixed soon. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.