Hi everyone, Is there any way we can make this co...
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Hi everyone, Is there any way we can make this column expandable, so we have full visiblity of the label of each insight? It is not very "functional" to have to mouse over to see what each insight means.
Hello Joao, Unfortunately, this is definitely not possible out of the box. For now, I can only recommend you to simplify the names of your Insights. However, I will double-check internally if there are some other options, for example using our SDK.
Thanks Julius
Let me know if you found out something then please. We will try to simplify the names, but it is something very difficutl to accomplish. If I may suggest, having the capacity of adjusting the widht of the side bar would be very valuable.
Sorry for the delay with my response. I am still checking this internally and I will let you know once I have any information. If we won’t have any suitable solution for you, I will definitely submit a product feedback on your behalf. Please stay tunned!
Hello Joao, Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, achieve this would be rather problematic and at the time we cannot provide you with any particular solution. Therefore, I will submit a product feedback on your behalf so our product team can consider similar feature in future developments. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
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