Hi, in table SALE_VEHICLE I have a foreign key col...
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Hi, in table SALE_VEHICLE I have a foreign key column SALE_VEHICLE_VEHICLE_ID (table VEHICLE, column VEHICLE_ID). In GD model connection between VEHICLE and SALE_VEHICLE table is set. When I want to load data into SALE_VEHICLE table, it falls with error
Mapping validation failed. LDM field label.sale_vehicle.vehicleid is not mapped to any source column
The point is that this model was ok before, but there was warning message with
More then one filed is mapped to the SALE_VEHICLE_VEHICLE_ID
and this all happens after deleting this attribute from model. Is there any way how to fix it, please? Thanks
Hi, I think you should need to map Vehicle Id only once. How did you delete the attribute? Using “Delete” button in Manage section of UI or through modeler? If you used the Manage page it could mark the attribute as “deprecated” and it may still exist in metadata although modeler does not show it.
Thanks, solved, you are right, thats it.
Please have a look at following thread. I think it may help you: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01P7PBJFLH/p1675771618635179
Ok, I am glad to read it is solved 🙂