Hey :wave: Is it possible to remove alerts from K...
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Hey 👋 Is it possible to remove alerts from KPIs?
Hey Bilal 👋, You can delete an existing KPI alert, if this is what you are looking for.
KPI alerts are tied to your user within the project. Therefore, when you set up your own alert, only you will receive the notification. Other users do not see or manage your alerts.
However, if you update a KPI that other users set alerts for, the update may affect their alert parameters. Deleting the KPI will delete all the alerts as well.
But is it possible to remove it / disable? We don’t want to show this option to users using our interface (where GD dashboards are embedded)
@Ivana Gasparekova sorry to bother you, this is still open question 😅
@Bilal Ćatić Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the option for setting KPI alerts as this option is available for all user roles - As outlined in our documentation on “Roles” below: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/en/project-and-user-administration/managing-users-in-projects/user-roles
This topic has already been marked for our Product team and is being considered for possible UI improvements on our future roadmap.
Actually, if you do not want to expose KPI alerts and your users only consume prepared dashboards (do not create their own), you can use Insight of type “Headline” instead of KPIs (that is one of the visualizations in the Analytical Designer). It looks very much like the KPI - a single number and there is no alert feature in it. There are a few differences: • since it is standard insight, you can set up drilling for it (i.e. click on the value to show some other dashboard) • you can use completely different metric for comparison • the comparison (if present) is displayed in percent and in absolute • there is no red/green arrow for the comparison
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Thanks @Michael Ullock and @Michal Hauzírek 🙏
@Masha Akatieva ^^ 😄
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