hi GoodData team - I have a row of grades (grade ...
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hi GoodData team - I have a row of grades (grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, etc) I have a total tests administered on the metrics. I'd like to calculate the % of distribution per grade. Is there a quick way to add both the volume of tests and % of test distribution in the same table?
Hi Aching, you would need to build a separate metric to calculate this. If it helps at all, it is also possible to calculate a ratio between the columns/metrics as described here: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01USCF4S10/p1667252172080619?thread_ts=1666964239.300809&cid=C01USCF4S10 In case you are running into any errors with your metric, feel free to let us know.