Hi there! I have some questions about the GoodData...
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Hi there! I have some questions about the GoodData API • If the company has a white-labeled domain, which endpoint applies to, for example: https://secure.gooddata.com/gdc/account/domains/{domainId}/users ? • If domainId is a required param, where I can find it? (considering that I am using a white-labeled domain, and not Default GoodData domain) Thanks in advance!
Hi Bruna, https://secure.gooddata.com is the default domain. I believe you are under the aklamio domain. Therefore, your domain ID would be “aklamio” and you would call to: https://datainsights.aklamio.com/gdc/account/domains/aklamio/users
thanksss, it works 🙂
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Hi Joseph, does this still apply? I hadn't seen 'datainsights' elsewhere