Hi all, We have a use case for restricting access...
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Hi all, We have a use case for restricting access to specific data within insights. For example: a report containing information for 100 accounts could be seen by 5 different users, each user's access should be limited to 20 accounts. Hence when users log in, the report layout and everything else looks the same for everyone, but only the data that the user has access to will be shown in the report. Can someone point us to documentation that can help us implement this permissioning. Thanks!
Hi Jan, we are a GoodData.CN customer I'm trying to access the data permissioning API but getting this:
I don't think it's an access issue, because I'm able to do other things like list users
This api endpoint is only available for GoodData Platform and since you are using GoodData.CN it is not relevant for you. We have a data permission feature for GoodData.CN on our roadmap, but ETA is not set yet. For now data filters in multitenancy can be used to some extend.