Hi people :wave:. I have just created some basic v...
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Hi people 👋. I have just created some basic views with time axis and showed count of BC group by weeks. Unfortunately, our customers are from CZ and they would like to see the graphs with Czech labels including the naming of the time metrics. Is there some easy way how to change naming of across the graphs - for instance change W23, W24, W25 to T23, T24, T25? Thanks for your help. 🙂
Hi David, Date Attribute values in Czech could be possibly uploaded as custom date dimension: The custom date dimension allows you to load and update data with your own fiscal dimensions in GoodData workspaces or allows you to load the Date Dimension in your preferred language format. More details can be found in the highlighted documentation.
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Hi @Julius Kos, thanks for your help! Can we somehow translate the values in standard date dimension and not upload our own? We will need to translate all the controls, descriptions, axis names, aand calendar values into CZ, SK, PL and DE.