Hello, when running a self-service Table insight, ...
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Hello, when running a self-service Table insight, one customer runs into the limits of the system. The total number of rows in 148k. I've seen this topic to export the csv, which is a workaround my customer would be happy with. But I can't seem to make it work, it stays unavailable. Is there a workaround for this to get the data in a way w/o adding filters? I'm referring to this solution: https://community.gooddata.com/dashboards-and-reports-56/maximum-result-size-for-report-107
Our idea is to complement the GoodData platform with an API, that would allow our customers to download a selection of data. The downside is then that we/they would have to recreate the metrics, that were created in GD.
Hi Hans, the Platform limits for Tables can be found here. Unfortunately, 148k of rows is really way beyond the limit. May I know what’s the purpose of such huge Insight, please? The option to export to Raw CSV mentioned in the Community post is related to the Reports in our historical UI - PixelPerfect. Such option is not available for the Responsive UI and for the Insights right now. I am sorry that I couldn’t provide you a better answer this time. May I at least pass your request to our Product management team, so they can reconsider adding this option on our roadmap, please?
Hi Ivana, the purpose of the insight is to understand where the most effort is spent, likely where the number of small transactions is high.
I've broken it down in two dashboards for them, that give the number of transactions per dimensions they want to filter by, from there on they can do a top 10 and fìlter purposefully.
A problem that I encounter is the following:
It's when drilling down from insight on dashboard 1 to dashboard 2. All filters are available on dashboards and insights, and have been set to All values on Insight level.