hi <@U03M7AXTSBZ> and <@U03PHR3S058>, do I underst...
# gooddata-platform
hi @Stijn Habekotté and @Anne-Mirthe, do I understand correctly that the issue you are having is that the workspace data filter (WDF) seems not to be applied to your insight? WDFs are applied very differently from the standard filters. The logic is basically very simple - whenever the
table is used in the SQL query, another condition is added to the WHERE clause filtering the
Customer id
column to the values you specified in the WDF. If a WDF is not applied, usually it means one of the following: • it is not set up correctly. Workspace hierarchy is required, proper IDs must be used in the REST API requests. Please double check the docs to make sure the WDF is set up correctly. However, since you mention WDF works for other of your insights, this might not be your case. • the
table is in fact not used in the SQL query, therefore the filter to column cannot be applied. Is there any chance your query actually does not use