Good afternoon everyone! We're running into some ...
# gooddata-platform
Good afternoon everyone! We're running into some issues related to multi-tenancy and our data model (see the included screenshot). Our workspace data filter is set to a column under the Customers table "Customer id". However when querying data in an insight without any logical attribute filters, the workspace data filter gets ignored. When we add a filter, that has an direct or indirect relationship with the Customer table (e.i. Zones, or Establisment), the workspace data filter is honored. This is logical. The system has no way to determine what is the parent establishment, as a device can be part of multiple zones and therefore theoretically different establishments. We cannot add a relation from device to establishment, as that will cause multiple paths, see this thread we posted earlier. This means that all our actual metrics cannot be used in the multi tenancy setup. Any ideas? Best regards, Stijn and @Anne-Mirthe