Hello all. New to the GD Community and really thi...
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Hello all. New to the GD Community and really think this is an amazing product. Our team is looking forward to kicking the tires and hopefully using this as our analytics service for all of our data here at The Commons. I had a quick question regrading data connections. From what it looks like you can connect to a lot of warehouses like SnowFlake and Big Query, I was wondering if there is an option to pull data from a JSON endpoint vs. a direct database connection.
Hello and welcome! Besides standard databases (Postgres, Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Vertica), our platform can also connect to so called data source "managers" - Apache Drill and Dremio. These "managers" federate other data sources and can be queries with unified SQL interface. Regarding JSON endpoint, only Apache Drill is valid option, here is the related DOC: https://drill.apache.org/docs/http-storage-plugin/ This is our DOC for integration with Apache Drill: https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.0/connect-data/data-source-managers/drill/
Awesome! Thanks for your help!