And another question on filters. Is it possible t...
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And another question on filters. Is it possible to filter the attribute values based on another attribute, and still use these as an insight as an attribute (so not a metric)? In this case, I would like to display countries in category A in a table as rows and countries in category B as columns. I tried using creating a metric with the syntax Select [Countries] WHERE [Category ] in [ A/B] and the metric cannot be displayed in an insight. It cannot be added to rows or columns either. Again, thanks!
Hi Josefin, We support parent - child filters on the dashboards in case the attributes have some kind of hierarchy. But in the scenario you've described you want do it in the insights only (not dashboards)? I am not sure I can imagine what you are after, could you please demonstrate it with some screenshot or something like that?
🎉 New note created.