Good morning people, I am running into some strang...
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Good morning people, I am running into some strange issues with multitendancy. I am running the local version of the container and have created a parent workspace and a couple childern. I also created some filters on a column of the database used as a data source, when I create the insight on the parent workspace the data is retrieved (see first screenshot), but when it's put into a dashboard it shows me a generic "Sorry, we can't display this insight" on the dashboard (see second screenshot). When I reopen the insight in the edit tool, it retrieves it again. Within the childern workspaces it's the same story, the dashboard with the insight displays the error but when the insight is opened with the tool it retrieves the right, filtered, data. I am curious if the problem is with my configuration?
Hi Stijn, We have currently a bug in multitenancy which is found out in this community thread where it is not possible to create new insights in the child workspaces. But in your use case you are creating the insight in the parent workspace, and trying to put it into dashboard also in parent workspace right? This should normally work fine.
It seems like user error, whoever. I was loading non-time based data and it seems like the filter attribute of 'this month' was the problem, setting it to 'all time' seemed to fix the issue I was having.