Hello, I’m running into an error importing data f...
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Hello, I’m running into an error importing data from BigQuery: It’s a simple model with just 1 table and 1 column in the model When I first create the table in the model, the preview of the data displays fine, but then when the scheduled load runs, it fails with the error attached:
Hello Michael, the log suggests there is a problem on line 279 - could you please check in your source data if there is some unexpected character? Please make sure your source data are in supported data types and you are following our naming convention for output stage
Isn’t this error message from the query from Gooddata being sent to BigQuery?
The data I have in BigQuery is just 1 column of numbers:
Okay, I tried one other thing. I created a new table in BigQuery with just 1 row of data, but got this error instead:
I can see the preview of the data in the model fine. But the scheduled import fails
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 4.43.50 PM.png
Could you try to find out the SQL statement executed by GoodData platform in the session history? https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/docs/sessions-view-history#console It seems that we generate invalid SQL statement containing either OF or AND in the wrong position...
Okay, I was able to fix it by looking at the query being sent
It looks like GoodData breaks down when there is a space in the view name and can’t generate the query correctly (in BigQuery spaces in views names are valid, however)
Thank you for the assistance
@Andrey Skripnikov seems like a bug...should we create an internal ticket?
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