Hi everyone! :wave: Does anyone knows of a way to ...
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Hi everyone! 👋 Does anyone knows of a way to better debug the MongoDB BI Connector? I’ve got credentials & I’m trying to configure it as a Data Source in GoodData, but all I ever get is an error saying “*Database not found*” 🤦‍♂️
I’m confident my credentials are correct - taking a character out of the password changes the error to “*Connection validation failed*”
For my API config, I usually connect to the “project-dev” database so I entered “project-dev” into the Database name - is that not correct? Is there a different format to use?
It’s a Mongo instance on MongoDB Atlas, if that makes any difference whatsoever!
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Hey JD. In case nobody answers before that, I'll take a look tomorrow. It would be handy if we knew your workspace ID to check the logs on our side.
Hey @Jan Rehanek - appreciate it 👍 Workspace ID is
Hello JD, There are a couple of things to check. 1/ Has this DB been mapped to BI already? 2/ Are the credentials correct? (I assume in this case yes.) 3/ Are the authentication encryption modes set correctly? They should be harmonised - If the server expects verify-full, then on GD side we also should have it set for the same value. Also uploading the SSL certificate might be required in case you want to transfer the data in an encrypted state.
Also, the name of the Mongo document/DB needs to be input correctly into the Data Source properties. You should use the name of the object they have mapped to the BI Connector on some previous step. One more thing - You can try using the default port for Atlas - 27017
Hello! 👋 Thanks for looking into this with me! After making the assumption that (1) was taken care of by simply enabling the BI Connector on Atlas, I went through all the other checkpoints to confirm they are all fine - which they were! Then decided to try a direct connection with MySQL client - which confirmed that the credentials were fine but there was no database - which lead be back to (1), “_is the DB mapped to BI at all?_” Chatted with MongoDB Atlas support - enabling the BI Connector didn’t trigger a schema build at all, so editing the settings & changing the schema refresh interval triggered a new schema build, so now the MySQL client is working fine & we’ve got a successful connection from GoodData!
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tl;dr: MongoDB Atlas doesn’t build a schema when you enable the BI Connector (sounds like a bug their side), so manually setting a schema refresh value triggered a schema build which got everything working 👍
That is good to hear, and it's also something I'll note down in our docs. The MongoDB BI Connector is a relatively new addition to our datasources and knowing this might help with troubleshooting future customer problems. Thanks 🙂
Thanks for sharing your experience, JD! I am glad you could connect to the Mongo after all. Please reach out if you will have any additional feedback for this data connector. I will suggest to add some information from this thread to GoodData documentation.
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