Hi. New question - I want to add a picture to my d...
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Hi. New question - I want to add a picture to my dashboard and found this description on the community page (https://community.gooddata.com/dashboards-and-reports-56/can-i-add-custom-images-to-a-dashboard-523) . Hence, I'm trying to follow this documentation (https://help.gooddata.com/classic/en/dashboards-and-insights/dashboards/creating-dashboards/dashboard-design-lab ) but cant figure out step 2 - In edit mode for your dashboard, click Web Content. I cannot find web content anywhere on the page. Could you please send a picture on where to find that? I am on an enterprise plan and using gooddata platform. Or if this has changed since the documentation/answer was written, is there any other way to proceed and add an image to a dashboard? Thanks! 🙂
Hi Josefin, most probably you are not using the “Pixel Perfect” Dashboards but the new “Responsive” Dashboards. The Pixel Perfect dashboards come with “Reports” section in the top menu, the Responsive dashboards come with the “Analyze” in the top menu. The “Pixel Perfect” Dashboards was the original way to present data in GoodData several years ago. There it was possible to add various graphical elements (or even external web pages), put them in layers and define the layout really with pixel-perfect precision and then combine several such tabs into a a single dashboard. This tool is no longer available to new customers of GoodData and was replaced by the responsive Dashboards which have different approach. On those it is currently not possible to add pictures or visual elements out of the box. There might be some possible workaround with the dashboard plugins, but that requires a front-end development in Javascript (basically you would override rendering of some chart to display picture instead). Attached is an example of a pixel perfect dashboard and a responsive dashboard for comparison. The one with SuperSoda is the pixel perfect one.
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