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------------------------------------------------------ Separate question: Can I have insights on a dashboard that are filtered with different time intervals? OR Can I disable the date filter top left of a dashboard so that each insight uses the date filter that I have chosen in the insight instead of said top-left date filter? The top left date filter seems to override all the date filters on all the visualizations, whereas what I am looking for is the ability to represent two different periods (e.g. last month, last quarter) next to each other in the same dashboard.
Hi @Philippe Hébert, You can go to configuration of each insight widget on dashboard and unselect “Date” filter. The dashboard date filter will no longer override date range filter in the particular insight.
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In addition to unseleting the date filter for each insight you can also hide the date filter on dashboard by editing respective analyticalDashboard metadata object. Here is an example how to do it:
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   "analyticalDashboard" : {
      "content" : {
         "dateFilterConfig" : {
            "filterName" : "Date range",
            "mode" : "hidden"
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hiding of date filter has been discussed also here: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01USCF4S10/p1650295056907699
Thanks Jakub, that answers my question clearly.