Hi there, I have an issue w a metric not displayin...
# gooddata-platform
Hi there, I have an issue w a metric not displaying it the correct result in the client workspace compared to the dev workspace. In the dev workspace the metric returns values for the all the questions w ids between 101 and 127, except for 109, see picture 1. But in the master workspace the question ids are instead shown as (deleted value), see picture 2 And in the client workspace it looks as it does in the development workspace, but it only returns the values for question id 101 and 127. I've tried changing the update preference for the role out brick, as well as the synchronize_ldm, but with no success/change to the outcome. Would be great if you could take a look at this, thanks!
Gi Josefin, unfortunatelly, this will not work. In hosted GoodData Platform, it does not handle the attribute values by the actual values but by their internal IDs. And since the IDs are different in different workspaces (and assigned almost randonly), you can not use them in < or > or BETWEEN operations. It works well ifbyou specify the actual values. So here I would recommend to change the BETWEEN for IN (...) and name all the values.
alright, that worked, many thanks!