Hey GoodData team, You seem to be enforcing max d...
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Hey GoodData team, You seem to be enforcing max date validation on dates provided in dataset, making data pipeline brick fail when a date is too far in the future. I have a record where the raw data input by the client has a date of 2222-02-22, which results in the following failure:
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2022-02-28T00:04:58.225+0100 [WARN]: Project "s7bdv0e0f8qtx1nrxircyvbhcj8s0jno" was not integrated. Reason: Date (time) 2222-02-22 (parsed as [y=2222,m=2,d=22]) is badly formatted or is out of supported limits (strptime format: %Y-%m-%d) in patient.csv at line 1127
It's part of our plans to have analyses that show data entry anomalies, but with implicit validation on your end like this we can't push that data to GD. Can you a. provide me with the maximum date you accept atm? b. remove that validation from your end so that the data can get uploaded? Until then I will update my templates to scour all the date fields in our output stage and wrap them with a
LESSER(date, some_relatively_close_future_date)
Hi @Philippe Hébert, template of date dimension in hosted GoodData platform contains dates from 01/01/1900 to 12/31/2050. Following article describes options how date dimension can be customised if you need wider range https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/dashboards-and-insights/manage-custom-date-dimensions.
Thanks Jakub, that seem to solve my issue. Will implement later.