--- Is there any documentation that is clearer/mor...
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--- Is there any documentation that is clearer/more detailed than the API Reference? I can't make sense of the examples or the information provided. I feel lost and frustrated 😖
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Hi Philippe, Sorry to hear about this. May I know what is not clear? Or where are you stuck?
Hi Moises, I can't find a clear example of how to create a Metric in the API Reference - the example only shows the type that is expected, not what each property is supposed to be, how they tie back in the context of the rest of the API and whatnot. An example like:
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POST /gdc/md/{project_id}/obj

   "type": "gdc/metric",
   "object": {
      "name": "My Awesome Metric",
      "maql_expression": "SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE awesome=TRUE",
would go a long way. In the current example, there are over 20 different fields to fill, and most of them I have no idea what to do with them. What are: ‱ content.folders ? ‱ content.tree? (and is it important? what's the expected structure, how do I know what is good and what is not?) ‱ content.format ? Is it the format like
? ‱ links.explain2? What is a mandatory root key? ‱ etc. It doesn't help that the API docs also take 15 seconds to register mouse mouvement and clicks
Long story short, there are no explanation of each individual field in a way that allows me, as the user, to understand by reading the description, what I should do.
In comparison, here's Stripe API: https://stripe.com/docs/api/charges/create
Can't be much clearer than that, can it?
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Without clear examples and clear descriptions, it makes the process of learning and integrating the API pretty haphazard
Thanks for sharing your experience. Not all the fields are mandatory, although I understand it is not ideal not much info is available for them. Feel free to check this Community post from my colleague where you can also learn how to create metrics via the API: Creating metrics via API. Also, I will highlight this internally so our Team is aware of it. Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Thanks, that post is helpful. I'll follow the structure presented in the post.