Hi. We are trying to a speedometer in gooddata to ...
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Hi. We are trying to a speedometer in gooddata to show a KPI. What's the best way of showing a KPI in goodata?
Hi @Thomas Nord, you can use KPI widget on dashboard which lets you easily compare current value of KPI with previous period or the same period in previous year. It shows growth indicator and displays change in percents. It lets users set alarm to be warned by notification if KPI crosses given threshold. You can use bullet chart visualization if you want to display KPI more visually. This visualization can display not only primary measure (KPI) but also complementary measures (e.g. target value and some comparative measure like previous year value of the KPI). Bullet charts were developed to overcome the fundamental issues of gauges and meters . They require less physical space, do not contain too much distracting decorations and human brain compares lengths more easily than angles so length of bar in bullet chart can be more easily compared than angle of pointer in speedometer, You can also create custom visualization using Extract component of GoodData.UI and integrate it with some 3rd party visualization library to display gauge chart. See examples. You can customize visualizations on dashboards also using dashboard pluging.
@Jakub Sterba Thank you. And I agree, bullet chart are generally "better" than speedometers.
I have not however manages to format my bullet chart to look like goodata's own NPS example.
trying to create the above