```Hi everyone I'm trying to connect MySql to Good...
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Hi everyone
I'm trying to connect MySql to GoodData, I'm not able to connect and I was informed that I would need the GoodData IP to connect. Was it really that?
If yes, what would be the correct IP?
Hi, I guess you need to allow remote IP to connect to your Amazon RDS MySQL instance. You can find IP addresses used by GoodData in following help article: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/data-integration/data-preparation-and-distrib[…]ata-load-reference/gooddata-ip-addresses-and-ip-whitelisting I suggest to try US-2 datacenter IP address range in your case.
Hello Douglas, Please review the security settings on your AWS instance. You’ve got to make sure the database is publicly accessible (in AWS security groups settings) and that the GoodData’s IP addresses are allowed for inbound connection. Also, keep attention to the SSL mode set up on both sides - it should match.