Is there anyway to get more granular control over ...
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Is there anyway to get more granular control over what labels show on the x or y axis? For example I created an insight that looks at a value broken down by day of week, is there a way to just have the names of the days display but hide the numeric part?
Hi Justin, on the left-hand side you have the “Configuration” panel, which provides the control options you have available to work with x or y axis. In your screenshot above I see you have “View By (2)“, and because you have 2 Attributes there, it limits some options you can work with on the x-axis. As in the case - The “Name” option. However, an easy fix here to hide the numeric part would be to remove the numeric Attribute - which is: 00, 01, etc from the “View By” in your insight and then you would see only the names of the days. A more detailed overview of the Insights Config options can be found here: Hope this helps!
The problem is that if I remove the numeric part then the day names will be sorted alphabetically instead of sequentially
@Michael Ullock just bumping this, if I remove date days of week then the day labels are sorted alphabetically. Is there some way I can choose how these are getting sorted?
Attributes from standard Date dataset like “Day of Week” should be ordered correctly in order Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat regardless of which label of the attribute you chose. Do you use in View By attributes from Date dataset (added into View By by frag & drop of “Date” from the catalog in left panel or do you use some custom attributes which are defined by you in logical data model? In such case you may need to define “sort label” for the attribute to use other than alphabetical order.
@Jakub Sterba when I select Day of week the label applied is just a numeric value instead of the name of the day, is this a bug in CN possibly?
Hi @Justin Unverricht, it is limitation of current GD.CN version which is going to be addressed in future as I have mentioned in other thread about custom sorting. I assumed that you are using fully hosted GD platform where this works as expected out of the box for date attributes. You can display Day of Week as a number, short name (e.g. Wed) or long name (Wednesday) there and keep the chronological order of days. You can check either fully hosted version if you cannot wait for this to be resolved or use the workaround with numbers which you have discovered already. With GD.UI you can use Execute component to retrieve data, order days of week by Javascript or replace the numbers of days of week by text in the results and render the chart using visualisation library like Highcharts or D3. This is perhaps the only workaround with GD.UI which you can use at the moment.
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