Question about email reports: what creates this me...
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Question about email reports: what creates this message? “If you have scheduled the email to be sent regularly, we will try to send the report/dashboard in the next round. To review the email settings, log in to the Zartico OS 2.0 Portal and go to Manage -> Emailing Dashboards. If this problem happens again, please contact our Support team.” One of our users sent this to us and we’re not sure what’s provoking the message.
Hi Josh, thanks for reaching out - this is a automatically generated response when there was an issue with the S-Email being sent out. Without more details, we cannot be sure what caused the issue. If you would like our Support team to investigate further, please can you submit a ticket to: - and please provide us with a link to the the scheduled Email in question and we can check our logs for you and see what happened there. Also, can you please make sure our user has “Admin” access to the project: