Hi I am using GoodData for my project. Our applic...
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Hi I am using GoodData for my project. Our application is Learning management system. My requirement as below: Suppose my application is xyz and many users are inside xyz application When any user logged in inside xyz then I need to fetch all stuff related to logged in user E.g. If user U1 is logged in xyz application then I only get insights related to U1 only is there any provision to send specific parameter to GoodData and retrieve insights related to that user only? **Note -- I am using I frame to embed GoodData dashbaord in my project
Hello @GauravP! What do you mean by "insights related to that user only"? You should be able to list insights that are created by a certain user, or you can list all insights and then see who created them.
You're saying that you use iframes to embed GoodData dashboards. Each user with access to the workspace and the dashboard will see all insights on the dashboard. You can create multiple dashboards, each dedicated to a specific user. But the user will see other dashboards too. If you needed to securely hide some data from groups of users, then you should most likely implement the concept of workspaces.