Hi everyone. I have a problema with Distributing...
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Hi everyone. I have a problema with Distributing Data to Workspaces I have a table in my datasource with schema below. According to the documentation, I created a field called "x__client_id" to be used in the distribution of data between workspaces. After, we executed all deploy process (Provisioning, Rollout and Add processes), how mentioned above, for this of master workspaces and consolidate view. But when ai execute Add process to sync data, to error occours. I thing that some missing configuration, but I did'n find it. Table Schema
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Field name	    Type	Mode
x__client_id	STRING	NULLABLE
eventDate	    DATE	NULLABLE
channelKind	    STRING	NULLABLE
total	        INTEGER	NULLABLE
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021-09-20T22:30:28.718+0200 [INFO]: Data distribution worker started
2021-09-20T22:30:28.718+0200 [INFO]: Request id: "disc_2OsZXVsqXX:YSWAS9djxBRlObiM:DhZu9dQ4TpNpj2H6"
2021-09-20T22:30:28.718+0200 [INFO]: Data source: "6148b6387a86d800015ad09d"
2021-09-20T22:30:28.718+0200 [INFO]: Additional parameters: {GDC_DATALOAD_DATASETS=[{"dataset":"dataset.vw_journey_rate_dw","uploadMode":"DEFAULT"}], GDC_DATALOAD_SINGLE_RUN_LOAD_MODE=DEFAULT, PROCESS_ID=33d4f48e-bf36-484f-bcd7-7a112a584583}
2021-09-20T22:30:28.718+0200 [INFO]: Synchronization mode: selected datasets (default)
2021-09-20T22:30:29.087+0200 [INFO]: Synchronized datasets: [dataset.vw_journey_rate_dw]
2021-09-20T22:30:30.543+0200 [ERROR]: Mapping validation failed.
2021-09-20T22:30:30.544+0200 [INFO]: 

====================== Mapping Validation ======================

  LDM field label.vw_journey_rate_dw.x__client_id is not mapped to any source column

====================== End of Mapping Validation ======================
Hi Leandro, it looks like there some issue with your dataset mapping, where the
is actually an attribute in your LDM, instead of just system column in your source database, that helps to decide to which client the row belong. The client ID column shouldn’t appear in your LDM at all.
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Thanks @Boris I removed x_client_id from LDM and works!! 🙏
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