Hi! Is there a way to set data permission by objec...
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Hi! Is there a way to set data permission by object? For example: User can only see data for a specific Company (filtered) but for a certain insight/chart in the dashboard, all other Companies should be visible (though masked). This is for a benchmarking chart, so data permission set for that user shouldn't reflect in this specific object. Hope my example was clear. Looking forward to your replies! Thanks in advance ☺️
Hi Kristine, thank you for your question. Please note that data permissions are set at user level based on attribute values and not objects or metrics as specified in our documentation: Data Permissions; however, you could add a hyperlink to your insight on the KPI dashboard that would redirect the user to an image of the benchmarking chart for example 🙂
Hi @Kristine Castañeda, I would solve this in the data model with an extra benchmarking dataset. That dataset would be aggregated by all Companies. Here’s a good example: https://community.gooddata.com/solution-architecture-62/benchmarking-in-gooddata-207
Thank you, Moises and Petr. I've tried doing both but I don't think it's giving me the right solution. What we want to achieve within the single workspace and data model are: 1. Users have the ability to see ONLY the data assigned to them for certain insights/charts including attribute filters. I was able to do a partial solution for this by using filtered variable, but if I introduce another attribute filter in the dashboard, all data are in the list and not filtered. 2. Users have the ability to see data from their competitors within the same industry I hope I was able to present the case clearly.. Looking forward to here your thoughts on this again. Thank you!