Hi! I'm trying to export an existing workspace by ...
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Hi! I'm trying to export an existing workspace by sending the GET request. Then I save the response as JSON file, send the PUT request to another empty workspace and get an error: Some of given referenced 'labels' entities do not exist. What should I do to import saved workspace data to another empty workspace?
Hello, there is scenario that could cause this situation, lets have a source project with logical and physical model, you create analytics and then you change db-scheme, or redefine logical model (some object are removed, recreated with different id, ...) and you put the new layout, all objects in analytics exist, but since now they can reference no longer existing logical objects. You can export the project, but you can't import it (even back into the source project), if this is your case, you have to fix the source project, or the json file. I would recommend to try these steps: • search the json file for occurrences of the missed ids - one occurrence will be in section "ldm/datasets/attributes/labels" (i expect this one will be missing) and none to many occurrences will be in section "analytics" • if there is no occurrence in "ldm" section, let remove referenced objects from "analytics" section, or try identify the "new-id" in section "ldm/datasets/attributes/labels" and replace all "old-id" occurrences with the fresh one ... if this is working for new/target project, put the fixed layout/definition json file back to the source project to fix it too