Hey guys, we are currently integrating <gooddata.c...
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Hey guys, we are currently integrating gooddata.cn into our react webapp. On the long run we will go with the gooddata.ui SDK and setup the integration there. On short notice we would like to embed a few dashboards for test purposes via iFrame. Problem is, that we are getting redirected to the signIn page within the iFrame. This is logical, as we cannot provide a request header with a bearer token to authenticate the request. Is there a simple way to get an iFrame dashboard integrated into a react webapp via iFrame without showing a separate login form? Can we either generate a session or add the bearer token to the request? I know this is not the clean implementation, but we simply don't have the time to do the full integration through gooddata.ui for now. Thanks already in advanced!
Hi Steffen, I am afraid that there is no easy way of doing this. To do a quick proof of concept demo, you could use a browser extension to set the Authorization header for all your requests (for example ModHeader) which should make the login page not show. There is a guide on how to obtain the token value in the documentation. Hope this helps. Edit: if this is not usable for your use case, can you please provide some more details? How do you authenticate in your application? Do you use some kind of SSO and you would like to integrate that with GoodData?
@Steffen Ramm while we’re not attempting the same thing yet, the login screen within the embedded iframe is a challenge we’re trying to solve as well with PGP SSO. Crossing my fingers I can get it to work correctly. So far it’s been a pain.
Hey Josh, can you please provide some more details? Maybe, we can help you to go through it smoothly… Honza
Goodness, this has sat idle for 23 days @Jan Basko, my apologies. We ended up moving forward with a simplified javascript deployment. Our partner made that decision because they did not want to invest further resources into a .Net PGP solution. They felt they would not be able to support it over time. They know they are deploying a less secure solution but chose to strategically make that decision. Because this is something we’ll likely want to replicate in the future, I am keeping it on my list to better develop down the road.
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