Hello there - Is there a way to hide columns in a ...
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Hello there - Is there a way to hide columns in a Insight Components when it is rendered? cc: @Carlos Lozano We have requirement to render reports with same information expect some roles are more privileged access.
Hello Shashank, Similar use-cases are usually managed via Data permissions or User/Workspace fitlers. May I know what SDK versiona and what GD product(Paltform, Cloud, GD.CN) are you working with, please? And also, how you like to control, the “column visibility”? Should it be based on user’s role or their permissions?
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We are using GoodData Cloud platform. At the most granular level it is permissions. But these are application permissions which we are translating into requirements for reports. We are on the latest GoodData UI SDK
Our solution embeds the insight developed in the GoodData portal into our application. GoodData cloud itself is not aware of the permissions.
Thank you for the clarification, appreciated. Unfortunately, it looks like such option is not available right now, but one of our engineers has already submit a product feedback on your behalf and passed your request to our Product management team. I am really sorry that I couldn’t provide you with more satisfying response this time.
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