Hi guys I just run a MAQL query to delete some dat...
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Hi guys I just run a MAQL query to delete some data with where clause, but it seems it just updates the fields with empty string not actually deleting it
Hi Tarik, as mentioned in our documentation here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/data-integration/data-preparation-and-dis[…]ditional-data-load-reference/deleting-records-from-datasets/ “It is important to remove data in the order listed above to maintain referential integrity. If you remove the values from the attribute value table first, then the facts still remain in the database, and any reports utilizing the facts, filtered by the attribute value, will contain
(empty value)
Thanks for your feedback @Michael Ullock
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Hi @Michael Ullock, I did ran a query to delete the facts, but it returns an error claiming that
the object is not an attribute
The query:
DELETE FROM {<http://fact.re|fact.re>_all_secure.fin_rental} WHERE {<http://label.re|label.re>_all_secure.month}=\"2023 10\"
Hi Tark, from the log we see this
Object "<http://fact.re|fact.re>_all_secure.fin_rental" is not of attribute type.
If you’re trying to to delete Fact data from the dataset, you can follow this legend: •
- This reference corresponds to the identifier of the facts that pertain to the referenced attribute. For more information, see Acquiring Object Identifiers for an Attribute of Facts. •
- This reference defines the attribute label of the
attribute, where attribute values are stored. You must reference an attribute label in the
Hi @Michael Ullock, I'm unable to find the reference to all facts using the
identifier, also I checked the attributes list in the Gooddata portal and I didn't this attribute
Hi Tarik, it seems you’re having troubles finding the correct Identifiers for the objects you want to work with, so I would like to recommend that you follow the steps outlined in the following documentation here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/workspace-and-user-administration/adminis[…]objects/acquiring-object-identifiers-for-workspace-metadata/ Please also note, “factsof” would refer to the attribute that holds the data you want to delete, for example sales figures (facts) such as revenue, quantity sold, etc. When issuing a MAQL DML DELETE statement, you would specify “factsof” to target these numerical values for deletion.