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https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/embed-visualizations/iframes/#embed-the-analytical-designer Hi, I’m following the steps here to embed the Analytical Designer. Is it possible to hide any of the UI while embedding? e.g. the buttons on the top right corner
Hi Arga, May I know what would be a reason for such “customization”, please? What would be a purpose of embedded AD then(since you won’t be able to work with Insights properly)?
In case you are interested in embedding of existing Insights, you can use the InsightView component as navigated here. Please check also Insight custom element article.
oh, I was thinking of allowing users to view and switch between insights directly from the AD without the ability to modify the insights. I guess in such scenario, the suitable way is to get the list of insights and render the selected insight in an InsightView component on a React page
Thanks for the clarification, interesting approach. @Radek Novacek - any ideas for Arga’s case, please?
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Well, technically you can use
to hide the top bar with all the buttons, or
- however, that does still leave the user with the ability to change the visualizations (just without saving). I'd say the React way would be the cleanest to get the desired result for sure.