I had to do some custom css to override GD UI to a...
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I had to do some custom css to override GD UI to account for this zindex goodness. I wanted to report it in case it wasn't known. The dashboard headers have a zindex of 6000 for some reason
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URL for that GD documentation page for reference: https://gdui-examples.herokuapp.com/dashboard/local-plugin
Hi Levi, May I know what version of GD.CN/GD Cloud and UI SDK are you working with, please? This change was introduced some time ago under the GD.CN 2.3.0. and GD.UI 8.12.
We are using @gooddata/sdk-ui-dashboard: 9.0.0 library to render the
I figured the examples provided would be using the latest and greatest of the GD provided libraries. I'm not quite sure if I've answered your question though.
Thanks a lot and my bad, I didn’t realize this is happening in the example itself.
Please let me double-check this internally.
Hi there Levi 🙂 Latest and greatest is absolutely correct - and so is the fact that this is a bit of an excessive zIndex setting, even if it is official. I went ahead and reached out to the dev team to find out if there's a good reason for this, and to maybe find a more reasonable range if there isn't.
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Excellent. In the end, I did the silly thing which is to put our zindex higher. Feels bad but on the bright side it does resolve th issue
That’s a nice workaround, but I hope it will get adjusted on our end soon.