Hi, when creating a new dashboard and adding an in...
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Hi, when creating a new dashboard and adding an insight with metrics; I notice that the 'interactions' menu item on the insight (intended to configure drill down actions) shows a few seconds after the insight is added. Is this intentional? Is there a way to make the 'interactions' menu available as soon as the insight has been added and the user clicks the ellipsis button on the insight?
Hi Sheldon, would it be possible to provide a screencast of the behavior you are seeing? Also, it could be related to the browser and local machine, so maybe try restarting the browser and clearing cache/cookies. Also, are you seeing this in one particular browser, or does this occur on multiple browsers, or even multiple machines?
Multiple machines and environments
Hi Sheldon, Radek from the GoodData technical team here 🙂 If possible, the screen recording requested by Joe previously could be a great idea - even better if it was combined with a HAR file, so that we could pinpoint the source of the delay. That said, depending on the length of the delay, a slight delay makes sense, since adding interactions would require loading the data to interact with first.
I can share a screen recording privately. Let me know
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