I'm trying to use the GD <Execute> component...
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I'm trying to use the GD <Execute> component and I'm a bit confused as to why it looks like the host url is my
when I have this <Execute> component nested inside of the <Backend><Workspace> React tree. Any ideas? http://localhost:8080/gdc/app/projects/d62435df-1893-4e90-8912-872659bbbd45/executeAfm I feel like I'd doing a similar hierarchy as I see in this example: https://codesandbox.io/s/github/gooddata/gooddata-ui-examples/tree/master/example-execute?file=/src/backend.js
This was the documentation I was using to see what the <Execute> component could do. I see that is for a very old version of the sdk: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/6.2.0/execute_component.html However, I don't see similar documentation in the latest version. I don't see any documentation for the 9.0.0 release of the sdk
Hi Levi, Radek here again, let me have a look 🙂
Excellent. I suspect I'm just doing something incorrectly. As a sanity check, I have verified that I am within the context of my <Backend> definition by using a <Dashboard> component
Okay so, going through the history of the articles, the Execute API call one has gone away by 8.0.0, where it was moved into "Create a Custom Visualization" - by 8.12.0, this has changed into "Start With Custom Visualizations", and, ultimately, into "Create Custom Visualizations" by v9 😄 Essentially, all the information is still there, it just moved around slightly as time went by. As far as the issue at hand goes, I'm assuming your backend definition includes the hostname? 🙂
Thanks for tracking down the version. Also yes, the backend definition includes the hostname
Hmmm, I see that I have used the Execute component found in the @gooddata/react-components. The article you linked me has a link to Execute examples: https://gdui-examples.herokuapp.com/execute/execute-component And it imports that <Execute> component link this:
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import { Execute, LoadingComponent, ErrorComponent } from "@gooddata/sdk-ui";
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^ different import solved this, confirmed with Levi through private messages 🙂