Hello GoodData, I was wondering if there is any me...
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Hello GoodData, I was wondering if there is any method I can use besides
to get filter elements but with multiple filters, I know I can execute
and this will return the items that will match with the text, but I need to filter by multiple texts this way I can obtain the correct uri and apply these uris back to the dashboard. Additional context: We are storing the texts of the selected items in a db so they are readable for us in multiple scenarios, so we would like to keep these texts in our storage instead of the GoodData identifiers since these might change if the model change. Currently we are fetching all the items at once using
for custom filters in our implementation, but this will not perform properly with large amount of elements.
Hi Robert, for the start - could you please confirm which SDK version are you using?
Hi @Julius Kos, currently I am using 8.12.1
I have a resolution for this, thanks anyway
basically I can use
from the sdk to get the uris I need based on labels and this will help me go through the solution I need
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Hi Roberto, I'm glad you were able to find a better solution - if you need any more help with this, please don't hesitate to let us know and I'll get right on it 🙂
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