Hey All, question about links in dashboards/insigh...
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Hey All, question about links in dashboards/insights. Is there a way to modify the theme/color pallet to change the styles of links? Right now they show as just bold text.
@Megan Richardson fyi
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Hi Steve, Have you considerate to create a Custom Theme for your Analytics, please? Here you can find theme properties and also some prebuilt examples, if needed.
We have custom themes and pallets. However doesn't seem to be a specific entry for drillable links.
This is the closest thing. Is there something in the theme that goes after this element?
Oh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding on my end. Please let me double-check this internally.
Excellent, thank you
Don't think it matters, but just for reference we are a gooddata cloud account and we're using the react sdk through the dashboard components to embed into our application.
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Thanks for additional details, it is actually good to know that you are working with GD Cloud. 😉
I've learned to provide that since each product has it's own set of differences 🙂
(or been directed to put the question in the right place)
Thank you again, really appreciated! 🙂
Hi again @Steve Fox, I’ve double-check this internally as promised, but unfortunately, our themes do not support this functionality right now. Please let me submit a Product Feedback on your behalf.
🎉 New note created.