Hi there, We have an Angular 13/GoodData.UI SDK (...
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Hi there, We have an Angular 13/GoodData.UI SDK (8.12.1) app and we are working on our own Exporting of Insights from a Dashboard. I know I need to call the /execution/afm/execute and so far I have this working. 1 issue I'm realizing is that filters is expected like this: "filters": [{ "relativeDateFilter": { "dataset": { "identifier": { "id": "ESTIMATE_DATE", "type": "dataset" } }, "granularity": "YEAR", "from": -1, "to": -1 } }, { "positiveAttributeFilter": { "label": { "identifier": { "id": "STAFF_NAME", "type": "label" } }, "in": { "values": [ "AssignTodos Levesque", "Carol HoodMar30-22b" ] } } } ], However, the filters object I currently have access to looks like this: "filters": [ { "dateFilter": { "granularity": "GDC.time.year", "type": "relative", "from": -1, "to": -1 } }, { "attributeFilter": { "attributeElements": { "uris": [ "AssignTodos Levesque", "Carol HoodMar30-22b" ] }, "displayForm": { "identifier": "STAFF_NAME", "type": "displayForm" }, "negativeSelection": false, "localIdentifier": "3e0bd71ac3d640259e1732b910623a4e" } } ] Is there any way for me to get it to look like it needs to for the /execution/afm/execute call?
Hi Carol, to get us on the same page, can you share more details how are you implementing the export functionality? Also from where are you getting the expected filters and filters you are currently have access to in your example?
I have 2 buttons for each insight (excluding headlines), 1 exports csv, the other exports the xlsx. The filters are shown at the top of the dashboard. We are using a Dashboard component, there is no separate Data Filter component here.