Hi, When the data filters are changed I was using...
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Hi, When the data filters are changed I was using the isDashboardFilterContextChanged and the DashboardFilterContextChanged event. When a Date or Attribute filter changed both filters would be in the payload.filterContext.filters. Now, it appears the dateFilter is no longer there. This was working as of yesterday. Any changes on your end? It's definitely registering that a filter was changed, but why would the date filter not appear here?
It looks like it's specifically going to All Time, if I change it to something else like 'This Month' it is fine.
Ok, so it looks like this issue is if setting to "no filters" like All Time for date filters, it doesn't register an actual filter. I recently changed the "default" filter to something else, so this would have been working like this before. This is something I will have to figure out on my end.
Hi Carol, Thank you for reaching out to us! I can confirm that there have been no recent changes to UI.SDK lately. Based on what you shared, the behavior is intended.
All values
filters essentially mean that the data displayed should not be limited by an attribute or date value, which is why there is no such object present.
That's what I thought. I have to figure out a way to save that type of filter so it will be saved as a default for that user. Otherwise, it will go to the default set for that dashboard, which may not be "All Time".
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