Hi, When I am having back-to-back execution calls...
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Hi, When I am having back-to-back execution calls to GoodData using AnalyticalDesigner in a loop. It fails intermittently with the following error: Tiger backend threw an error: { status: 500, detail: 'Server-side problem. Contact support.', traceId: '<some_id>' } How can I handle multiple requests at once? Sample Code below:
await Promise.allSettled(insights.map(insight => backend.workspace(workspace)
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Hi Prashant, could you please provide the traceId? It could help us identify the error on the backend.
Hi @Boris, here's the traceId: '17962071dad99b21'
I was able to fix the issue after waiting for each call result before executing the next one.
But that's little time consuming.
Thank you for additional info. I assume that you are using GoodData.CN, is that correct? In that case, I won't be able to find the traceId in the logs. You might be able to find it depending on how is your logging and monitoring set up. But from what you are describing, it could mean that your data source DB is blocking concurrent queries to some degree.
Alright. Thanks Boris.