Hi, I still can't get the parent / child filter to...
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Hi, I still can't get the parent / child filter to work, both filter work standalone but setting the parent, breaks the child filter.
@Matyáš Kandl 🙂 can you please help? Relates to https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01UR5BGAHY/p1660639983633489
Data is like this, fields are on the same table? Code is in previous post. corr_make | corr_model Peugeot | 208 Peugeot | 308 Nissan | Lead Ford | Focus So, if I select Peugeot in the parent, I'd like to see only 208, 308 in the child filter.
Hi, looking at the code, the issue is probably in the
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because you are setting it to
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const idAttributeIdentifier = "label.all_vehicles.corr_make";
which indicates it is a label. However the
needs to point to an attribute, not a label. Please try changing the value to point to the attribute the currently used label is a label of.
Hi @Dan Homola thanks for the reply. I changed it to: const idAttributeIdentifier = "attr.all_vehicles.corr_make"; Will tag you where I put the info
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